Hello world!

Hello world!

Hey there, Im Frosty. Over the years I have put out game reviews on Giantbomb.com(Link will be at the bottom), have put my thoughts on Facebook, been an active member on IGN (mostly for commenting and staying informed) , so I wanted to come here where I can have a central place to put my thoughts on media specifically. I am into a variety of TV shows, movies, music and video games along with some sports here and there.

When it comes to specific media, most of them will be in the form of reviews, with a rating of 1-10. Video game reviews will be the only structured reviews, breaking up into story, gameplay, and visuals. Everything else will be a bit more casual and will probably be a bit shorter. As far as sports go, i’m a big fan of the Golden State Warriors and the San Francisco 49ers, so you can look forward to hearing what I think about that as well.

So what can you look forward to me reviewing you ask? Well I got a review of season 1 of the brand new show Mr. Robot coming up, along with the Attack on Titan anime. As far as movies go, I just watched Nationial Lampoons Vacation for the first time, and will have something up for that. When it comes to music, I am all over the place, but I will have some posts that highlight my favorite artists in the near future. Lastly, I am currently working on clearing out my backlog of video games (life has gotten busy, free time is getting harder and harder to come by) and i’ve been working hard on getting through Mafia 2, as I have the new Wolfenstein DLC, The Old Blood,  waiting on my PS4 for me. I currently play Battlefield 4 on there sometimes, and you can find me at Stayinfrosty707 on PSN. I look forward to posting my thoughts on here, and interacting with the WordPress community.

Giantbomb reviews: http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/chilipeppersman/reviews/


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