Mr. Robot Season 1 Review

Mr. Robot Season 1 Review

**Minor Spoilers!**

TV14, 1 hr episodes, 10 episodes, USA Network

My first post! Very excited coming off of the finale for Mr. Robot, a show I heard about that has been a magnificent surprise. I literally watch nothing else on the USA network, but have enjoyed every minute of this.

Mr. Robot follows Elliot (Rami Malek) a young programmer who suffers from social anxiety disorder and works for Allsafe, a company that is a digital gatekeeper for Evil Corp. In his free time he enjoys hacking people he is curious about, whether it be his therapist, his boss, no one is safe. He is very good at what he does, and the show is all the more believable when you notice that much detail has been paid to the actual hacking, this is not the typical Hollywood hacking your’e used to seeing. Elliot references packet sniffers, loopholes, scripts, and other terms that will be familiar to anyone who has tried programming before. That is one of the few downsides (or upsides depending on how you look at it) about the show, there are times when if you don’t really know what he’s talking about, you may be a little lost, but the show doesn’t spend too much time going into that so you can still know what’s going on.

Nothing is safe
Nothing is safe

He is so good, that an undercover group “fsociety” is revealed to him when Mr. Robot (Christian Slater) finds him and tries to recruit him into it, and he is reluctant at first, but one thing leads to another and he finds himself as the main brain of fsociety. This show has a feel to it that is different than anything I have watched in some time. What this immediately reminded me of was The Sixth Sense. What it shares with that movie is that you never really know whats going on. What is real? What is fake? Is Elliot just taking too many drugs? I felt compelled and excited when each episode would end, I just wanted to see what happens next, there are so many twists and turns (some I saw coming, but it was well done) that it keeps you hooked. This show also doesnt hold back as far as content goes, and it feels like it was a TV MA show that was cut to be TV 14, for better or for worse. There are only 10 episodes, so its not a huge time commitment, but wow. What a fantastic show about hackers trying to make a difference in this crazy world. Its not only a show that will make you think about the world, but it will make you think about yourself.

Anyone who knows the basics of technology owes it to themselves to watch this show. Its that well done and thought provoking. Give it a chance, you wont regret it.

Score: 8.5/10


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