Up and coming #1

Up and coming #1

So whats coming up for me? Well you can come to expect a review of SOMA, the new horror game that came out last month. Im really enjoying it and looking forward to reviewing it soon. I’m also watching Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, a Korean film that has been fantastic so far. I also just watched Akira for the first time and it blew my mind, so that will be a very trippy review. I am considering doing a mid-season impression of American Horror Story: Hotel, not sure about that one yet. Lastly i’ll be doing reviews of Nirvana’s Sliver: The Best of the Box album and Mac Millers new album, GO:OD AM. A lot of fun stuff to come!


4 thoughts on “Up and coming #1

  1. Interested to see your thoughts on Akira. I saw a chunk of it a really long time ago, and recently got a copy to watch soon. I have just finished Death Note on Netflix recently so I have a bit of an anime fix going, even if I haven’t gone too deep.

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    1. It was really good, I’m very much looking forward to getting that review out. I’ve heard of death note, you liking it? I love adult swim anime, Black Lagoon was an awesome one. I’ve been currently really into Parasyte and Akame Ga Kill they are a lot of fun and have fantastic animation! Good stuff.

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      1. Death Note was really good, I was sad when it ended. I’ve been trying to explore anime with the big known stuff first and Death Note cam highly regarded, and had a good english dub. Definitely look for it on Netflix!

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