Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 beta impressions

Star Wars: Battlefront PS4 beta impressions

As many of you may or may not know, there was a public Battlefront beta that started a little over a week ago for the current generation of platforms. Over 9(!) million players participated in the beta and EA got a lot of feedback and stability foresight. I played on PS4 and while I enjoyed it at first, it wore on me. Lets get into it.

Ill start with what I liked about the beta. For starters, there was very little in the way of technical issues. The beta downloaded fine, looked great, and ran at a steady 60 FPS. So far so good. The sounds and visuals were also very authentic and well done. The highlight was the overshield, a small dome shield that lasts for a short amount of time. When you are inside of it, you can hear the laser beams hitting the edge and it sounds amazing.

Unfortunately, that’s the only good things I have to say about the beta. The base for a good game is here, but it didn’t come close to the feel or fun I had when playing the previous 2 Battlefront games. The game is painfully simple, with no sorts of classes, chat, or even a basic server browser. There is very little to no customization, and many things rely on power-ups and cooldowns which made this feel like a free to play shooter, not a slice of a AAA retail game that’s going to release soon.

Hoth level with Vader
Hoth level with Vader

The actual shooting is pretty unsatisfying, and I wish there was a more variety of weapons. With no sort of chat or anything, it tough to strategize at all with teammates, and I had plenty of cheap deaths. The level design was fine, but they need to be more populated. Even in a full game, there is still lots of running around looking for people to shoot. I tried out the co-op horde mode, and it was by far the most boring part of the beta. You have to do split screen or invite someone to play, you can’t just match up with someone online, which was baffling. It seems like a throwaway mode, and it was also very easy when doing it alone.

This is a multiplayer game only, with no sort of instant action or Galactic Conquest that we had in the previous two games. This is a big letdown, as multiplayer-only games these days don’t have lasting appeal. Even with the full release its just going to be a bunch of game modes you have already seen before, and the walker assault mode was woefully unbalanced in favor of the Empire, but luckily DICE has addressed that.

So will I be playing this when it comes out? Sadly, no. I was looking forward to this very much as I have loved the first two games, but DICE has butchered this into an EA money machine that likely will sell well, but won’t stand the test of time. DICE keeps coming out with things that aren’t in the game which is a shame. This game could have been something to really look forward to, but instead it will be another forgotten attempt at nostalgia.


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