Attack on Titan Review

Attack on Titan Review

Rated: TV-MA

25 min episodes, 2 seasons **Minor spoilers**

A show that starts off great, but loses steam with time

Attack on Titan is one of those shows that explains just enough to the viewer so that there is reason for the conflict. The main character here is Eren Jaegar, who makes a vow to cleanse the land of Titans because of what they did to his family. Titans are big, monstrous, humanoid beasts that for some reason that is never really explained roam the land in search of their next meal. Eren’s path to vengeance fuels most of the show, and while it works for a little while, there is a point where the plot twists are not only strange, but there isn’t much explained to make them believable at all. As the viewer I cared less and less about the plot as the show went on, because it got so weak.

It was weak because none of the characters are really around long enough for you to get attached to, and they are always so busy just trying to stay alive that they don’t get all that fleshed out. Even with all the flashbacks and heart to heart conversations, I didn’t really develop any feelings with the characters. It all felt pretty hollow.

Please don't eat me
Please don’t eat me

I watched this show because of the Titans. They are wonderfully designed and are extremely menacing. The main problem with this show is that is repeats itself over and over. People are dead! The government is corrupt! We are doomed! Another Titan invasion! Ok, ok we get it, things are depressing. The show doesn’t understand that you need to have a balance and doesn’t really have any sort of comic relief or any big events that give the viewer much hope that things are going to get better.


The final nail in the coffin for this show was the ending. It was not only a cliffhanger, but incredibly unsatisfying. I had to trudge through all the episodes to get to this finale? THAT’S IT? How does this show have an 8.9 on IMDB? If you want to check out this show, just watch the first half. It is pretty badass just to watch the Titans do their thing. Beyond that, it was kind of a waste of time for me. I put a bunch of episodes on my iPad before a trip and got invested in it because I didn’t have wi-fi access and therefore didn’t have much else to watch.




8 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Review

  1. I liked AoT but my wife has the same opinion as you. It did start to drag as it went on. I watched it in Japanese, and then when we saw it together recently, it was in English. In English, the whining and indecision were much more noticeable than in Japanese.

    Its still an interesting series to follow if only for the promise of uncovering the story about the titans themselves, which might start to happen in season 2. There’s a leaked trailer on Youtube with the opening scene (it was filmed on a cellphone, so the quality isn’t good, but it starts with a pretty hefty revelation).

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    1. For sure man i’ll be sure to check that out. I really wanted to like AoT but yeah that whining was just too much after a while. I was happy when it was over lol

      You currently watching anything good?


      1. Attack on Titan is the first we’ve watched in years. I used to watch more in the early 90s and early 2000’s but its been a long time.

        I can make some recommendations based on what you’re into – either through books, movies, games or TV.

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      2. I was just wondering if you are currently into anything, i’ve got quite the backlog of stuff to get through as it is lol but hey keep an eye out here I should have a review of The Martian up by the end of the week, I just saw that. Great flick.


      3. We’ve just been catching up on series that we missed. We binge when we can because between work and the baby, its hard to watch stuff as it airs.

        The last things we watched that I really enjoyed were Agent Carter, Daredevil and Sense8. Minority Report has been fun as well, but there were some holes. Heroes Reborn has been disappointing – but that’s on account of us seeing the first 3 series I mentioned, which were just fantastically done.

        Wifey’s a Walking Dead fan. I haven’t seen any of it yet, but read the first graphic novel maybe 5 years ago.

        We’re waiting for the new season of Grimm, now that someone is no longer in the series who was really annoying us.

        Also, as its Halloween, if you can get your hands on it, there’s a British series from maybe 7-8 years ago that we’ve seen a few times called Jekyll. Its really well-written and produced. Its the one with James Nesbitt and Gina Bellman. Its only 6 episodes.

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      4. For sure i’ll def check Jekyll out, that sounds great and 6 episodes isn’t too much of a time investment. I really enjoyed Daredevil and I enjoyed Walking Dead up until season 5 and then burned out of it at that point. Thanks for checking out my blog dude, and I look forward to chatting more with ya in the future!

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  2. I enjoyed Attack on Titan, although I am surprised it has gotten so popular. In my opinion there are far better animes out there. The finale was a little disappointing, but to be expected as the show is based off an ongoing manga.

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