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Blunt Talk Season 1 Review – Good Times

Blunt Talk Season 1 Review – Good Times

Rated TV-MA, 30 Min episodes, 10 episode season

Starring Sir Patrick Stewart and Adrian Scarborough.

Created by Jonathan Ames

**No Spoilers**

Starz is really on a roll these days. With great shows like Black Sails, Survivors Remorse, Ash Vs Evil Dead and now this, they have proven to be a reliable provider of quality content. Blunt Talk is no different, and succeeds because it’s incredibly refreshing.

Blunt Talk centers on Walter Blunt (Sir Patrick Stewart) as a news anchor on a struggling station. His manservant (Scarborough) is always around to provide support as well as heavy doses of alcohol, and is pretty funny to boot. One of the most interesting plot points of the show was learning about their relationship and how they got to know each other. It was deep but also very real, and by far was one of the highlights of the show.

Blunt Talk gets a lot right, and one of those things is heart. All the characters feel deep and flawed, but Walter Blunt is the most flawed of all. He is a man who makes decisions that have good intentions, but don’t always pan out too great. I think all of us have had moments like this where in our head we thought “this is a really solid, genuine idea” that ended up biting us in the ass.


Each episode moves at a great pace, and you learn more about what makes each character tick. There are a lot of characters, but the show spends just enough time on each one to give you an idea of what they are like, but it never feels like there are too many. This show is not afraid to shy away from deep rooted traits/flaws in each character and Blunt Talk deals with mental illness, drug/alcohol addiction, sexuality and others that make it truly bold.

My only real complaints for the show would be its length and humor. The 30 minute episodes really zoom by and I think this show could easily fill about an hour’s worth of content. There is so much potential for a longer show that maybe Starz will consider extending the run time for it next season? Regarding the humor, I found it pretty funny, but many may not. It relies on very situational, sometimes very dark humor that feel at home on a premium channel but definitely isn’t for everyone. I was chuckling most of the time but there were moments that didn’t work too great.


I can’t use the word refreshing enough to describe this show. It somehow juggles having hilarious moments, heart, sincerity and a distinct playfulness throughout each episode. Everyone surrounding Blunt just wants him to succeed, and you can see at his core that he is a good person that struggles with the stress of being in the spotlight. Shows like this don’t come around too often, and i’m very glad Blunt Talk got a solid viewer base to give Starz enough reason to renew the show and keep this fun story going. I can’t wait to see what Walter Blunt does next.

Score: 9.0/10

National Lampoon’s Vacation

National Lampoon’s Vacation

**Minor Spoilers**

Rated R, 98 min, Starring: Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo

I am not a big fan of Chevy Chase. I thought Three Amigos was a mediocre film and I was not a fan of him in Community. I wanted to fall asleep watching him in Fletch, and he doesn’t seem to do anything besides comedies. I was curious for a while why he is so well known, and then I watched National Lampoons Vacation.

The Griswolds, one big happy family
The Griswolds, one big happy family

The film starts off like any other family travel movie you’ve seen. They have some fumbles leaving the house, and things seem like it will just be another movie with some hijinks and then it will get to some sappy ending. It’s not long before you realize this is an R rated comedy film, and family friendly stuff has been thrown out the window.

The whole film is centered around Clark (Chase) and Ellen (D’Angelo) trying to get their kids to Wally World, a big theme park. Sounds simple enough right? Turns out Clark is a total klutz, and at every opportunity to mess up he does. When the family gets lost in the ghetto and has to ask the local populace for information, I lost it. Guys are literally taking off the rims of the crappy station wagon as they are asking for directions. It is offensive but hilarious at the same time.

I would say that is most of what the movie is. Having situations where things go wrong, and the movie isn’t afraid to be politically incorrect and poke fun. If that isn’t your type of humor, then you will not enjoy this movie. This is one of those comedies that is irreverent but has heart, and keeps you watching the film. It’s not about seeing the family through to their final destination, its how they handle all the road bumps along the way, and there was more than a few scenes that I busted out laughing.

Like anything, this film isn’t without its problems. The humor can be crude and there are parts of the film that can get rather predictable. Most of that is made up by the last sequence, which really doesn’t go how you think its going to go.

I watched this because of the new Vacation movie that is out, and its supposed to be a sequel of sorts. On one hand I want to watch the other Vacation movies, but at the same time I want to hold off for a while so I don’t burn myself out of this sort of thing. This is a great movie, and its nice to watch a light-hearted comedy that focuses more on actually being funny. Too many comedies these days put all the funny stuff in the trailers and leave you feeling dissatisfied. Not this one.

Score: 8.5/10