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Mac Miller and Nirvana Album impressions

Mac Miller and Nirvana Album impressions

Mac Miller GO:OD AM Review

17 Tracks

I didn’t expect I would ever listen to Mac Miller again. I listened to a few of his songs, especially Nikes on my Feet from about 5 years ago, but I never got super into him or anything. I discovered this based on a friends’ recommendation and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought!

The whole album is very consistent and comes across as laid back but still something that has great energy. It’s a fun rap album, and Time Flies along with Brand Name (above) were standout to me. really great album with fantastic production and lyrics.

Rating: 9/10

Nirvana’s Sliver: The Best of the Box Review

22 tracks

I dug this guy out of the garage a while back and one of the songs was already in my song of the day, but wow. I didn’t think i’d like this album very much based on the fact I burned out on Nirvana a while ago, but these songs feel very real and raw. The sound quality isn’t the best but it gives this more personality. This is a great album with some standouts like “Spank Thru” “Blandest” and “Come as you are”. Overall a great surprise for anyone that has a passing interest in Nirvana.

Rating: 8/10

Song of the day #1

Song of the day #1

This is a new thing id like to do on here: song of the day. Once in a while I will post a song that I listened to that day that I really liked for one reason or another. I hope you like this! I recently found this album in my garage, and I put it on quite a bit these days. I might put up a review eventually, but till then enjoy: